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About Us

Outergoods - Your Second Amendment Sanctuary & Conservative Gear Home

OuterGoods started with a vision of creating unique patriotic t-shirts and Second Amendment shirts since they’re hard to find in brick and mortar stores and other big retailers. 

Whether due to censorship or virtue signaling, we noticed there weren't many patriotic shirts and Second Amendment apparel that was in-line with our conservative beliefs. And, a lot of the designs big stores were selling were very generic.

So we made our own.

Everything from the stitching of our hats to the printing of our shirts is done right here at home in the USA ourselves.

If you have conservative beliefs and want gear to reflect that, see our catalog.


We Specialize in Fresh Print-to-Order Shirts & Goods

Starting with patriotic shirts and Second Amendment shirts, we have since expanded into creating other forms of conservative gear, including:

Our material quality and designers are top-notch. You won’t find patriotic t-shirts and other gear like ours elsewhere. If you need something custom, just give us a shout.


American Made Quality

Best of all, we make your gear to-order, fresh off the press. That means you’re getting American-made quality (not cheap Made in China knock-off gear) and supporting an American business.

While our team has added a couple members, our team is still like a tight-knit family here in rainy, crazy-Liberal Bellingham, WA.


Need Bulk Orders? Just Contact Us.

We get quite a few of you looking for bulk Trump hats and Second Amendment shirts for special events. If you have a group, business, team, and need shirts in bulk at wholesale cost, contact us.



And remember: this isn’t a “Safe Space”, but we are a Second Amendment Sanctuary and we’re proud of our Conservative American values.


God bless,

OuterGoods Team